Daniel J. Lewis is a podcasting expert with a number of greatly successful shows to his name. Daniel helps entrepreneurs launch successful podcasts by offering the advice and tools they need to create, maintain, and grow their reach.

In this episode, Daniel discusses…

The importance of focused online presence: YouTweetFace+ (YouTube, Tweeter, … Read More

Budi Voogt loves music and entrepreneurship. Accordingly, Budi has built his business around helping talented individuals be heard and appreciated. Budi co-founded the artist management agency, Heroes Management, as well as started Heroes Recordings.

In today’s episode, Budi discusses…

How he came to run a music label and work with … Read More

Alicia Rittenhouse helps female entrepreneurs set up and rock their online businesses. Ali has a gift for guiding and nurturing creative energy; coupled with her mastery of online marketing, and you’ve got some serious coaching power to tap!

In today’s episode, Ali discusses…

Her journey to building an international business, from the … Read More

Coach Michael Burt is a former championship coach, a published author of more than ten books, and a leading entrepreneur in his own right. His unique approach to entrepreneurship, branding, and selling has helped numerous entrepreneurs grow their business and reach their full potential.

In today’s episode, Coach Burt discusses…

The importance … Read More

Leslie Samuel makes blogging (and the study of biology!) easy, instructive, and fun. Leslie discovered blogging as means of income in 2008, and has since founded two hugely successful sites: Interactive Biology and How to Become a Blogger. Leslie is also the host of the … Read More

James Swanwick is an ESPN-anchor, a published author, and a journalist with more than 20 years’ worth of experience in TV and print magazines and newspapers across the globe. Most of all, James is a passionate entrepreneur with a get-it-done mindset.

James launched his career by literally shooting for the stars: … Read More

Hugh Culver has been in the entrepreneur business for as long as he can remember. Hugh is a published author, keynote speaker, consultant, and a teacher dedicated to motivating people to stop procrastinating and reach their full potential. (He also used to take people to Antarctica, but that is a … Read More

Gabe Strom is passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed. Gabe is a serial entrepreneur with experience in social marketing, podcasting, and local business promotion.

In today’s episode, Gabe discusses…

The Business Mindset; aka, Why you should expect to fail and keep on going anyway
The benefits of leveraging LinkedIn and how to … Read More

Evo Terra is a businessman, radio broadcaster, published author, public speaker, and entrepreneur. Evo was the host of the award winning podcast, Slice of Sci-Fi, and is currently managing several online businesses and a day-time job. He is well known for his publishing of “Podcasting for Dummies,” along with a … Read More

David Jackson is a podcasting consultant and coach. Dave has been teaching people about technology since the 90s, launching the School of Podcasting in 2005. Since, Dave has founded a number of podcasting-related sites and services, providing knowledge and support to emerging podcast entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Dave shares his expertise … Read More

Kris Gilbertson is the founder of the Lifestyle Academy – a growing online community dedicated to equipping and supporting entrepreneurs in their journey toward online success. Your one-stop site for social media and marketing clarity!

Kris is a social media and marketing genius, and has all the good tips and strategies … Read More

Quinn Loftis is a tremendously successful self-publishing author in the paranormal romance genre who ended up selling over 22,000 books in a single month while hitting the USA Today bestsellers list.  And she did it 100% on her own WITHOUT any help from publishers. Quinn published her first book, “Prince … Read More

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