S.E. Smith is the bestselling author of over thirty romance, sci-fi, and fantasy books. Miss Smith is astonishingly prolific writer, and has been recognized as a best-selling author by both the New York Times and USA Today. In 2014, she also received the prestigious RomCom Readers Crown Award in 2014.

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Robert Richman is a culture architect and keynote speaker. Robert co-created Zappos Insights, a company dedicated to building and improving the culture of businesses in all fields. He built Zappos Insights from a small company to a multi-million dollar business that now reaches more than 25,000 people a month.

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Ryan Cox is an expert marketer passionate about executing his goals. Ryan has extensive experience in consulting, marketing, SEO/SEM campaigns, content creation, and others and is continuously extending his skill set to match the advent of the market and technology.

Ryan believes in the power of relationship building and understanding data. … Read More

Michaelbrent Collings is a #1 bestselling novelist, screenwriter, and writing coach. Named one of the most successful indie horror authors in the U.S., Michaelbrent has had two of his screenplays produced into movies (Barricade, 2012; Dark Room, 2013).

Michaelbrent approaches writing as a profession. As a writing coach, he helps other … Read More

Today’s interview features not one, but two amazing entrepreneurs: Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei Kang, the hosts of the ReLaunch Show, a podcast about people overcoming obstacles and restarting their lives and careers. Joel is an Amazon bestselling author. Dr. Pei is the business executive behind ReLaunch, as well as … Read More

VM Black is a self-published paranormal romance author who is absolutely rocking the self-publishing industry. After a bitter experience with a traditional publisher, Ms. Black took over her own book promotions, platform-building, packaging – everything and anything to do with selling her books. What is more, she is better at … Read More

Dr. Carri Drzyzga is a functional doctor with degrees in both chiropractic and naturopathic medicine. Dr. Drzyzga has been in private practice since 1996, and is a published author and podcast host.

A busy entrepreneur herself, Dr. Drzyzga has suffered and seen her business suffer from fatigue. After managing her own … Read More

Michael Port is a New York’s Best Selling Author, an actor, a speaker, and a marketing and branding specialist. He and his team help entrepreneurs, authors, and companies build their brands and book themselves solid.

Michael started his business career in the fitness industry. He had no prior qualifications or experience; … Read More

Jordan Harbinger is the co-founder of The Art of Charm, a site and podcast dedicated to helping men achieve success in personal and business relationships. As an entrepreneur, Jordan knows how important networking and personal presentation is to a business’ success. He and his team aim to equip their listeners … Read More

Pat Flynn went from working a day-job as an architect to earning more than 60K per month through passive income. His immense success led Pat to creating the Smart Passive Income Blog and Podcast, where he shares passive income strategies and his own journey.

In today’s episode, Pat discusses…

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John Corcoran is the founder of Smart Business Revolution, a site dedicated to helping people network effectively, efficiently, and consistently – with the right people. John has a talent for building professional relationships that last, and is now sharing that talent with entrepreneurs that need help finding and keeping influencers … Read More

Justin Lee grew his business by tapping into a resource disregarded by many entrepreneurs: Interns. Having reaped the success of well-executed internship programs in his own ventures, Justin has grown passionate about helping entrepreneurs find the right interns for their businesses – and vice versa.

Justin is the cofounder and CEO … Read More

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